Digital Value


Do you know the unintended sociable and chatty side of your digital personality? Others do. For sure.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter are very appealing platforms as they provide opportunities to increase a  personal brand value. But – High Performers have to use these tools differently and with special sensitivity. While you are online you leave data trails which can be analysed even with free tracking and online software, easily. What does the Internet know about you? Are you aware of your digital footprint and your digital personality? Are your online friends real friends or just parasitic? Leila Summa and her experts will tell you. Since 1997 she worked as an online pioneer in Switzerland digitizing telecommunication and media companies as well as for facebook Germany and as a managing director for Xing Marketing solutions GmbH. She knows how to use digital media. Her expertise:  to reach the right people with the right message to (re)build a personal brand.  What comes with it? Conscious behavior to not expose you and your family to a risk.

Leila holds an MBA in International Management Consulting and studied criminology, media research & psychology at the University of Zurich.

 Leila and her team analyse your digital personality and provide guidance for you and your families safe online journey.

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Personal Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

We identify risk for your personal brand and vulnerable information about you, your closest friends & familiy and take actions. 

Personal Cyber Bodyguards

Our dedicated cyber bodyguards are driven by the privilege to protect you as a shadow on your digital journey.

Online behavior for Professionals & Family/Friends

 We train you and your trusted circle for a safe usage of digital technology.