Personal Security


We keep you safe and make you feel free. Your security is our driving force.

Individual life circumstances ask for personal strategies. We design tailor made security solutions for Professionals, VIPs, outstanding Young Talents, Persons at Risk and their families. Chief Security Officer Karsten Schröder has served at the GSG9, the elite Police Tactical Unit of the German Federal Police. He worked as an undercover agent as well as in leading positions for several witness protection programs and for the German state security. Every single member of his team unexceptional has a track record as a member of an elite military or police unit such as Special Forces Command (KSK), Special Weapons and Tactics (SEK) or the legendary anti-terror squad GSG9.

As personal security is a sensitive topic we do not talk about our detailed concept publicly. Our Chief Security Officer, Karsten Schröder, is a mere mail or phone call away.


Close Protection

We offer you an exclusive 24/7 Personal Security Agent (PSA) who will be there if you need him (or her). Your PSA will help you to avoid risks. If its going get tough your PSA gets you out of threatening and unpleasant situations.

Residence Protection

The Freemen Group's security team will check your home and make suggestions to make it even safer. We verify your enviroment and the people who surround you. For your comfort and the wellbeing of your family.

Security Driver

Our PSAs all are undergoing an intense security driver training regularly. They are also certified to drive armoured vehicles up to level VR9. Wherever you want to go: You, your kids and your partner won't get there safer.